Sunset Walk 2 – Maria Z – TheLifeErotic

Duration : 3 min
Description : It's the end of a sunny day and hot babe Maria Z is taking a walk, heading into the woods. Slim yet curvy, with long, dark hair, she's dressed in shiny black leggings, a white tank, fur vest and blue sneakers. She sits down on a mound of earth, enjoying the peaceful sounds of the forest as she sips the wine she's brought with her. She begins to play the bottle over her medium size breasts, and playfully licks and sucks the neck of it, like she's going down on it. She rubs it between her thighs through her pants, then slides a hand inside of them. Her braless tits get similar attention and she pops each one out her tank in turn, massaging her globes and pink nipples. Next, she takes down her leggings and works the side of the bottle against her shaved pussy, but soon switches to using her hand. She kneels on all fours on the mound and reaches back to frig herself, smearing her juices over her slit and crack. Then she strokes the neck of the bottle before using it against her clit. As her excitement builds her breathing gets faster, and she sits down, legs splayed, teasing her clit briefly once again before using the bottle as a dildo, easing the neck inside of her. She grinds and stirs it around, then, as her orgasm starts to hit, she raises her legs in the air, moaning as she cums around the hard glass. She caresses the bottle one final time, then dresses, seemingly wondering if she may just have given a passing voyeur a show
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